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TMA 295: Music Mosiac

Artist’s Statement

I originally planned to do this shoot with my own camera and lenses but decided not long before shooting to actually take the pictures with my smartphone. This class is about contemporary screens and new media. While yes my camera is indeed digital and therefore can be defined as a “contemporary screen,” the smartphone camera is really the prime example of new media and contemporary screens in the modern digital age. I didn’t use any portrait mode effects or any cinema recording apps like Filmic Pro. I just used the regular camera function like any other non-media educated user would. Though I shot the pictures for 16:9 aspect ratio which isn’t the default picture size of my phone’s camera and most users probably aren’t aware of different aspect ratios.

I love warm temperatures and saturation (well, not too much saturation, because that can make your image ugly). I love my fiancé and our story. I shot images of objects containing motifs of our relationship history or from special events in our lives. I tried to marry the two! I wanted to document our story since it’s something we authored together ourselves, and we’ll always continue adding to the story. Though we created our story in a linear sequence of events like any other relationship. Shooting these images felt like authoring our story again but in a more non-linear and symbolic manner.

Forging relationships is both authorship and participatory. We “author” our own choices, and we participate in the life of another if they make the same choice as well.  There is consent in a relationship, in the simpler context and definition than just purely the sexual or romantic.

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