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Why I Think Video Game Film Adaptations Will Be a Vital Part of Film

We all know mainstream film as we know it today is occupied primarily by sequels, reboots, and remakes. Mainstream filmmaking has become both more expensive and riskier. This means the top executive producers are becoming even more risk-averse, keeping only to characters, worlds, and brands that audiences already recognize.

These producers will negotiate and buy out all the recognizable properties they can. The problem? There is only a finite amount of film franchises you can remake or reboot until audiences get tired of it unless maybe it’s of exceptional quality to the audience. You’ve probably heard of or even felt Marvel or Star Wars fatigue.

To address this problem, I think producers will look to adapt properties from other industries and mediums. Comic books and novels have been siphoned for ages, and that probbaly won’t change. But the video game industry is the next, biggest, and most logical target they will pounce on. Especially as we’ve seen some successes like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, at least from an audience perspective. And while Tomb Raider (2018) had mixed reviews, did make money and even a profit. And I enjoy these films at least for their fun factor! Most fans of these characters agree, at least for the Sonic and Pikachu movies.

We’ve already discussed in class how to view interactivity as an art form from a filmmaker’s perspective. We watched the beginning sequence of the video game The Last of Us, which provokes intense emotions of out of us just as well as any other film today could. This is indicative of our conversations about how we use platforms. How can a game be cinematic? And how could a film borrow from video games?

I found it interesting how much these video game films adopted or altered the aesthetics of the original work. It seems the more popular adaptations are more true to the source material than taking creative freedom. “It needs to be the way I remember it.” You know how fans can get when you significantly alter their favorite franchises with obvious examples from Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises.

In my opinion, it won’t be long until video game imperialism arrives to the film and streaming market.

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